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Special promotion: free 5GB data

Special promotion! ! ! In April, the trial version was launched for internal testing. Free card opening fee, free 1GB traffic, limited to 1,000 users.

We solve the problem of high international roaming charges!

Since normal roaming charges are more than 100 times the local Internet charges, almost all outbound travelers will not use the operator's roaming services. Since roaming is a typical value-added telecommunications service provided by operators to overseas customers, mobile telecommunications operators have been seeking value-added telecommunications services provided by third parties in order to significantly reduce customers' overseas roaming fees and data traffic fees to solve the problem of expensive roaming fees.
We (world-roaming.com) are positioned as the world's number one service provider for international roaming. Based on cooperation with mobile operators in some countries, we jointly develop relevant LTEoverInternet technology, aiming to provide the most effective international roaming for operator customers. services. Based on the evolved FEMTO technology, we innovatively implemented LTE mobile network on the Internet, thereby solving the problem of high roaming charges.


Mobile Internet charges:
■Internet equipment: Bring your own (less than US$30)
■SIM card activation fee: US$5-10
■Traffic fee: 1-5 USD/GB
■Roaming fee: Free during the promotion period! ! !
■After the promotion period, a service fee not exceeding 10% of the roaming fee may be charged.

Normal roaming charges are more than 100 times the local Internet charges. Our innovative design can help you greatly reduce international roaming charges.
Multiple national eSIM cards and data plans are available.
City partners are being recruited. Responsible for preparing equipment, brand customization, recharging on your behalf, and earning commissions.

How to use it?

On any eShop, purchase our designated router (search on Google: MT300N). Connect the WAN port of the router to the Internet (that is, the LAN port of your home Internet router), connect to the router, open the browser, click 'Firmware Upgrade', and flash into our innovatively developed free virtual SIM card software (mt300n-visitor-cn.bin).
Then, turn on your mobile phone or laptop, connect to the WiFi name MyRoaming, buy a virtual SIM card and recharge the virtual SIM card, and you can connect to the core network of the foreign operator, which is equivalent to surfing the Internet in the country where the virtual SIM card is located!

Try to use it?

Download eSIM Card firmware free.
Traffic card to buy:
1GB traffic card, 5GB traffic card, 20GB traffic card, 100GB traffic card
(Please fill in the email address correctly, the traffic card will be sent to this email address.)
If you encounter any technical problems, you can send us an email. Our email address is: [email protected]


1. Does it support phone calls and text messages?
      Reply: Not supported. Because calls and text messages require real-name authentication (passport, visa, facial recognition), in order to simplify the card opening process, we currently only provide data services.
2. Is the price too expensive?
      Answer: Our pricing is carrier prices. It is currently a promotional period and we do not charge roaming fees. You only pay the local Internet access fee for the eSIM card (which is the daily consumption of most local residents), and you get the roaming Internet service. Just like music, genuine records cannot compete with pirated records in terms of price. Our specialty is compliance.

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Why you need a different identity in the network world from real world.
You are a world-class people, so you need many different identity in the network world.

Your information, such as visited log, username/password, is intercepted by some others.
You need a safe network to keep you safe.
Our WiFi-Sniffer will show you what kind of your information may be intercepted.

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